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Approach and Method

For over twenty five years I have had the privilege of serving as an Executive Coach, Key advisor and Organizational Architect to Executives and Directors of industry-leading organizations on four continents.  In most cases the organization is ready to move from success to significance, and the CEO is cognizant that his or her own leadership development is paramount to sustainable organizational success. Often my role is to partner with the CEO and key stakeholders to co-create a custom designed pathway from the current reality to a new level of success, impact and development for the organization or system. 

Through my own continued development, I stay on the leading edge of organizational and systems transformation. I am a certified practitioner in many leading organizational methodologies including the Leadership Development Profile (LDP), Spiral Dynamics, Polarity Management (PM), and Holacracy.

Most organizations’ future is threatened by the large-scale, systemic change that is increasingly rapid and unpredictable. I support leaders to build the skills and capacities needed to help turn this potential threat into a competitive advantage and thrive in the midst of turbulence and change. I will custom-design a program that best meets your needs based on a large constellation of possible resources. Our first task together is to deeply understand your current situation, your desired future for yourself and your organization, and a pathway between these two places. We will plan and facilitate coaching in person and by videoconference to simultaneously navigate your current challenges while building your inner and outer capacities to sustain your own growth in the face of these challenges.

We bring a seasoned Integral perspective to our understanding of Organizational Change:

  •  Performance Management and Organizational system and process analysis.
  •  Organizational culture and values.
  • Individual leadership and management competencies and performance.


Whole Systems Change 

The ability to deeply understand an  organization and its unique personality and potential from the inside out and the outside in is an important advantage in designing an effective and practical Whole Systems Change initiative that is both responsive to the “current reality” and capitalizes on the organization’s unique capacities and  strengths. 

The main components of this Whole Systems Change approach are:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Top Team Alignment
  • Leadership Development in Action
  • Breakthrough Projects
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Capabilities Transfer for Sustainable Results

Our phased approach allows us to dynamically steer our progress together during the course of our engagement. The Assessment and Invention Phase forms the foundation and includes seeing the organization or system to understand it deeply and sense its possibilities, creating and building on Executive team alignment, from which we create new possibilities and a new or clearer organizational vision. This phase can also include challenging and honest conversations among key stakeholders that result in at the same time resolving longstanding disagreements and liberating energy, creativity and commitment towards a new organizational future.  

During this phase we also support clients in “real time” to develop new capacities in high performance team work and communication for action and learning to think and act in ways that dramatically increase individual and organizational performance.

The Mobilization Phase of the work supports spreading the new vision, culture and high performance skills through the organization or system.

This process is carried out in partnership with our clients, and during this phase we integrate skill and capacity development with real work challenges and needs so that the new skills and capacities are practical and sustainable. This work interweaves action and reflection so that the organization both increases its speed in producing results and decreases the time it takes to learn from mistakes and adapt new, more productive behaviors.

Following the Mobilization phase is the Implementation Phase during which we target key projects and processes for leaders to apply the new skills and awareness in their day to day organizational challenges.

Some of the new capacities that may be integrated at this stage are:

  • New skills such as communication and the ability to embrace breakdowns as opportunities. 
  • New commitments and new insights and energy. For example, teams throughout the organization have the ability to make decisions that accurately reflect the new organizational vision and strategy.

These skills and commitments create new energy, and cross functional teams are formed to take on new breakthrough initiatives to demonstrate and solidify the new culture in action, and at the same time, produce results. The new future is now alive in the present through speech and behavior as we build a bridge to the new future. 

Typical breakthroughs in this phase include:

  • Reducing by 50% the time it takes for an organization to move to successful implementation of a new initiative.
  • Organization-wide downsizing while at the same time increasing employee satisfaction. 
  • Decreasing variable costs 25% while increasing stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Simultaneous increases in sales and profitability which started during the consulting engagement and continued for five years after the engagement.
  • An increase in organization-wide creativity as measured by an increase in new products successfully brought to market.
  • Greater organization-wide communication and intelligence as demonstrated by competing departments working in greater collaboration with each other with fewer bottlenecks in the organization’s delivery system.

 The final phase of our work is Sustainability.

During this phase we collaborate to train key people in the organization to become internal coaches and trainers. We start this process early in the engagement so that the intellectual property we are bringing can be incorporated in the client’s internal orientation process and in the training and development processes at each level of the organization.

We also work with clients to improve processes and incentives to create a self-reinforcing system that provides a competitive advantage in its capacity to learn and adapt quickly and effectively. This self-reinforcing system recognizes the synergy between individual attitudes and mindsets and behavior and organizational culture and performance.

Building an organization that can create synergy between these dimensions allows for sustainable organizational performance and a vibrant organization that many of our clients describe as the highlight of their professional careers.

The quadrants below are one helpful lens with which to view the dynamic relationship between individual attitude and performance and organizational culture and results.


Clients not only produce breakthroughs in their most important results and indicators of success, but typically report that their work with DCIC has been the most satisfying and personally and professionally beneficial in their career to date.

Multi-Stakeholder Interventions

By collaborating with executives to design and facilitate timely interventions on a systemic level, I also help transform highly charged multi-stakeholder situations characterized by strong emotions and deep mistrust into thriving partnerships and communities, both solving the immediate problems and addressing the root causes to alleviate future recurrences. See Case Studies for a description.

The Right Timing and The Right Fit

Timing is crucial in designing relevant and sustainable organizational change and must include the right combination of opportunity and pain. If you are ready to move your organization and your own leadership to the next level of performance, you are invited to contact us and schedule an exploratory conversation to discover if working together might be a good fit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this website and to consider working with us.

We wish you the best in your organizational journeys.



Dana Carman