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If you are one who knows deeply that your good health and good fortune is precious and not “a given.”

If you recognize that you are here to be of service to life and develop yourself to the fullest extent.

If your current challenges and aspirations are “calling you” to a new level of effectiveness.

If this is the “right timing” for you to invest in your own development as a person and a leader.

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My Background

I am passionate about my own learning, development and performance.

I have spent my entire adult life:

  • Being coached and studying coaching and high performance.
  • Being a coach and trusted advisor to visionary leaders and executives.
  • Developing two internationally acclaimed programs that have graduated over 500 coaches and change agents from five continents.

My Perspective On Coaching

Fundamentally coaching is a profound partnership between player and coach that is based on the deep desire of the player and the deep listening of the coach.

As a coach I am aware that the player’s job is to “get on the playing field” and take the actions that will lead to new results, and my job is to provide a deep and supportive structure that will provide the player with the best chance of achieving her goals while simultaneously assisting the player in developing the skills, competencies, and embodied perspectives that make me as the coach dispensable.


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