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My Approach

I embody an integral and developmental perspective as a coach

From many years of experience, I know that my role with my clients is to be a catalyst for a new level of results while simultaneously helping them to develop their capacities to observe how their mindsets and behaviors are inextricably linked to the cultures and systems they are a part of.

This living insight allows for life-long learning and development and long term sustainable performance.

My work is both deeply appreciative and simultaneously challenging. I have the capacity to see the greatness in my clients and reflect that back to them, so they can claim and fully inhabit their unique gifts and capacities.

I work with my clients to bring the energy of their gifts to the areas of life and work they are struggling with, and to bring awareness and compassion to the aspects of Self that are hidden from them or are inadvertently undermining consistent high performance.

My aim is to always honor your deepest wisdom, and I will design a custom approach to working together that both employs the best approaches that are available and invites your own unique rhythm and way of learning.

The Process

The coaching process will start with an hour conversation for each of us to determine if working together now is a mutual and wise fit.

If so, we would work together, in person, by phone or video conference on a weekly or bi monthly basis for a period of six to twelve months to be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

In order to integrate the learning from our sessions, our work may involve reading, writing, or self-reflective exercises to reveal strengths, blind spots, and develop new leadership behaviors, capacities, and a stronger capacity to observe yourself, particularly in emotionally charged situations.

In the early part of our engagement we would deeply clarify your “current reality” using self inquiry, leading assessment instruments, and 360 degree feedback. We will use this information-gathering process to establish a baseline for our work together and for setting developmental objectives and goals for our partnership.

Much of the content of our coaching sessions will involve working with your real life successes so you can apply them in other arenas. We will work together to embrace and transform current challenges, with an emphasis on learning how to develop the inner powers and outer skills to face the next set of challenges with greater skill and less reliance on your coach the next time around.

As you learn from each challenge, I predict you will develop a deeper and more embodied confidence in your own capacity to face whatever comes your way. 

Along our coaching journey we will continuously learn from our working together and continue what is working best and adjust what isn’t.

Most people who engage in this journey report that this has been one of the most valuable investments they have made. 

If you are interested in exploring working together, I invite you to read some of what my clients have said about our work, and to schedule a one hour conversation to discover if working together is a good fit.

Thank you for your interest in coaching and in learning about Dana Carman Integral Consulting