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Phillipp Guzenuk

Philipp is a coaching specialist, business-consultant and lecturer from Saint-Petersburg Coaching Institute. He is a leader of the Coaching Institute Innovation Lab and founder of the Russian Leaders Development Research Project.
One of the most prominent fields of interest and activity Philipp is delighted to work in is Happiness in action: energy sources for peak performance. The big question behind this topic is, “How can you get outstanding results in any field of activity and enjoy a healthy, happy, and balanced life?” Over the last three years Philipp conducted numerous research programs, seminars, conferences and retreats on this topic in Russia and abroad.
Philipp is an experienced moderator and event-architect for large scale, creative events. As a co-founder of the Director’s Club of Saint-Petersburg, he has hosted 20+ conferences in Open Space, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and numerous custom-made interactive technologies.
Philipp does extensive consulting and coaching work for leading Russian and Foreign companies, including: Stora Enzo, TGC1, Beeline, MIRAX Group, Metro, Giantera Alliance, Rusfinance Bank, Reksoft, Woerwag Pharma and many others.

Anne Adams, PhD

Anne Adams has designed and led seminars, workshops and educational programs for professional groups, individuals, corporations and educational institutions for more than 30 years.

She has been a teacher, school director, university instructor, a manager in an international educational corporation, and a business consultant to both large and small corporations. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Michigan in Clinical and Educational Psychology, and her PhD in Transformational Learning and Change from The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California.

Her company, ACS, provides consulting in organizational transformation to all people in companies and educational institutions, specializing in large-scale cultural transformation and change, communication skills, team collaboration, integral leadership development, coaching and individually designed programs.

Anne has worked with many Fortune 50 companies, nationally and internationally. Her commitment is to have people create exciting, compelling futures and together bring those futures into reality. ACS educates clients in what it takes to achieve breakthrough results. 


Jesse McKay

Jesse Mckay has a bachelor degree with majors in Business Administration and Psychology, as well as an MBA with an emphasis on Corporate Strategy and Organizational Development. In his masters dissertation he studied the process and effectiveness of a large scale leadership change initiative by the top management of a major Canadian corporation.

Jesse has worked back and forth between two very different professions in the last few years: engineering and corporate organizational consulting.  As an engineer he works with a team of scientists responsible for designing and building command and monitoring systems for 'Columbus' - the European wing of the International Space Station.  As an organizational consultant Jesse works with leaders motivated to achieve greater levels of  effectiveness and impact through improved management of their selves, their teams, and their organizations.

Previous to his work in Europe, Jesse served as a business analyst on a large scale engineering project for the Canadian government and as a software engineer with an American company designing and building a web enabled Business Intelligence platform. 

Jesse's professional experience also includes entrepreneurial coaching, and corporate recruitment and selection.

While teaching university courses in Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Corporate Strategy at Simon Fraser University, Jesse earned the top student feedback evaluation scores in the Faculty of Business two semesters in a row. 

Jesse is a certified consultant in Polarity Management and has taught the application of the integral model in business contexts for the last five years.

Jesse currently lives in Paris, France.


Katie Teague

Katie Teague is an independent documentary filmmaker working in the growing field of transformational media. In 2009 she founded Storm Cloud Media, LLC, for the purposes of bringing forward Money & Life, a feature length documentary examining the complex nuances of our relationship with money in the modern world. Storm Cloud Media is committed to bringing inspirational educational media to the social change process.

Katie's post-graduate background is in depth and developmental psychology. Prior to filmmaking she had a counseling practice in Seattle, Washington, where she worked primarily with individuals in the realm of transformational growth.

Katie currently lives on a 600 acre farm in Meridian, Mississippi with her partner and two cats.


Yene Assegid

Yene Assegid (born in Ethopia) is a consultant, coach and researcher on means to leverage leadership capacities in favor of transformation and change in the context of economic and human development. She is also the founder of everyONE a humanitarian organization based in Ethiopia; currently supporting the livelihoods of over 10,000 boys and girls affected by aids or orphaned by aids; as well as several disadvantaged communities affected by poverty, physical disability, leprosy and HIV/AIDS. In 2009 her book Butterflies over Africa, an in depth analysis of development aid in Africa intermingled with her personal story, was published. Yene Assegid currently lives with her family in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Bert Parlee

Offering leadership and other growth related trainings around the world, Dr Parlee is a licensed clinical psychologist with psychotherapy, coaching and consultation practices in Dallas, Texas.  A founding member and for several years chief of staff of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute in Colorado, he has also served as lead trainer of dozens of I-I professional seminars. Bert is a senior advisor, facilitator, mediator and executive coach with the Stagen Leadership Institute in Dallas. He teaches at the Mendoza College of Business MBA program for Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and in the MBA and Organizational Psychology programs at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Bert's B.A. honored in Political Science from the University of New Brunswick in 1977, and his MA is in contemplative psychotherapy from Naropa University, 1984. A published author, he received his doctorate in clinical psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, 1993.

A Canadian from Prince Edward Island, Bert is an ardent lover of "moving pictures".  Seeing movies as the story-telling modality of our time, he includes this medium into his trainings, and has also taught graduate level classes on film. An extensive traveler, after spending two years in Asia in the 1970's, he has remained actively involved with various forms of contemplative  and awareness practice. When possible, Bert loves to enjoy time with his family and friends, sing and play the guitar, as well as hike, run, bike, golf and snorkel in tropical settings.